Wednesday, 1 October 2014

iPhone bend test

Is the iPhone bending a rumor created by rival companies to discredit the iPhone or is it real this video reveals all with the iPhone bend test

Dog Chases Bubbles

The power of modern cameras is overwhelming expect to see tons of new videos in this genre

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Problems we will experience with palcohol

Palcohol or powdered alcohol for those who have been living under a rock is a new product sure to take the world by storm very very soon. powdered alcohol is sure to be a big hit in more ways than one. Invented by an American called Mark Phillips who wanted a more convenient way to carry his alcohol powdered alcohol comes in small packets which are added to water to get your buzz like you would a normal bottled drink. He recommends you dont snort it effectively telling people yes it can be snorted which I am in no doubt many silly people will try in order to get a instant hit.

Are we about to see a rise in alcohol abuse as palcohol is easily hidden it effectively allows young people to get access to and hide much easier than standard alcohol and get alcohol into places where they probably couldn't before.

Did you notice Earth day

I missed earth day and so have millions of other people the only reminder we seem to have nowadays is a google doodle showing how less observant we are becoming as citizens of the world and I for one was disappointing that I am not as savvy about the environment as I should be I think I may add a reminder for next year and suggest you guys do too so we can make a positive impact to the earth we all share.

Word problem worksheets

If your in 4th grade and upwards you maybe suffering from math word problems below is a very useful website which provides free math worksheets for your use they are very useful and have many many sheets for free use.

Are you a writer having word ?

Many article writers are having word problems when writing content for their clients. There are easy ways to overcome this issue but it may not be as easy as just using a translator as translations go wrong easily. But there are methods you can use to ensure that word problems in your articles are a thing of the past. I will be posting everything you need to know about word problems on this blog in future posts so subscribe and wait for the information that will be very valuable to you if your a writer or blogger.